Own A Bike Shop?

Tired of seeing the greater part of your trade tied up in for spendable dough stock that is not moving? Time to transform it into money!

An association with Cash4bike may be the arrangement you have to move stock and build benefits. We will take your abundance top of the line bikes or bicycle related stock and transform it into money that you can re-put resources into current stock that moves.

Our way to deal with offering online means we bring top dollar for your stock preference regardless of on the off chance that you decide to transfer with us or offer us your abundance stock.


  • Secure your associations with your sellers that don’t permit you to offer online
  • Abstain from estimating clashes in the middle of retail and internet valuing
  • Abstain from marking down stock in your store which can really avoid the maximum deals
  • Take out the expense of having more established stock heaping up and consuming significant retail room
  • We know bike related stock and what it is worth

We can offer you basic committal alternatives, or in the event that you lean toward, purchase your abundance stock by and large.

Call for details!  020 7388 7899