Sell your bike, We buy used bicycles at Cash4Bike online. This facility is not often available in most of the bike shops in London. Cash4Bike gives this opportunity to and sell or exchange your second-hand bicycles. If you are required to part exchange or sell your used bicycles in London then Cash4Bike provides you a platform to get the best value for your old bicycle.

We have 4 stores in London and hopefully will be at a reachable distance to you from anywhere in London. With decades of experience in the bicycle industry, we will be evaluating your bicycle to a handsome and realistic value. We give the value of bicycles according to bicycle age, condition, make, and model. Selling bikes out to random people out there can get yourself involved in various kinds of hassles. We can provide you peace of mind of it being sold to a store and will be resale with our company invoice.

When we buy second-hand bicycles our procedure is as follows:

  • In order to sell your bicycle, you should be over 18 years of age.
  • The bicycle seller must fill the “Owner’s Declaration Form”.
  • He/she will have to provide two forms of IDs.
  • From these two forms of ID, Primary-ID will be a photo ID.
  • Secondary proof of ID we need is for your address.
  • We will photocopy your proof of IDs for our record
  • After filling the form you will get the agreed cash value of your bicycle.
  • All these criteria we follow are to make sure that we are not buying any stolen bicycle.
  • We also accept donations of your unwanted bikes so if you have left your bike and not riding it donate to us and we will find a lover for your bike.
  • We use all the useful parts of the bike that are not suitable to ride again.
  • Just remember we also keep our own stolen bicycle database which is regularly updated.
  • Please take the time to fill in our ‘Stolen Bike Form’ which is available on request in our shop.
  • ID Required selling your Bicycle to our Bike Stores. We can buy your pre-owned bicycle.
  • Cash4Bike prides itself on the way it works alongside the community and police when purchasing second-hand bicycles from its customers.

You will need to provide the following ID for sell your bike:

Primary Identification Documents:-

Preferred Primary IDs

  • Passport Photo
  • Driving License and paper counterpart
  • EEA Member State ID Card
  • Firearms Certificate

Acceptable Primary IDs

  • Old Style Driving License
  • Inland Revenue Notice of Tax Coding
  • Employment Card
  • College/University card   Pensions / Benefits, including the following documentation:- 
    1. Job Seekers Allowance
    2. Pensions
    3. Housing Benefit
    4. Income Support
    5. Tax Creditso  Child Benefits
    6. Careers Allowance
    7. Maternity Allowance
    8. Incapacity Benefit
    9. Disability Benefit
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Sub-Contractors Certificate

Secondary Identification Documents

  • Photo Driving License
  • Firearms Certificate
  • Old Style Driving License
  • Inland Revenue Notice of Tax Coding
  • Pensions / Benefits, including the following documentation:-
    1. Job Seekers Allowance
    2. Pensions
    3. Housing Benefit
    4. Income Support
    5. Tax Credits
    6. Child Benefits
    7. Carers Allowance
    8. Maternity Allowance
    9. Incapacity Benefit
    10. Disability Benefit
  • Utility Bill (posted, not via the internet)
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Council Rent Card
  • Tenancy Agreement from Council or Housing Association
  • Bank Statement (posted, not via the internet)
  • Credit Card/Store Card Statement (posted, not via the internet)
  • Mortgage Account Statement (posted, not via the internet)
  • Medical Card
  • Home Insurance Certificate (posted, not via the internet)

Trade your unwanted bicycles for something else (Parts, Accessories, Services) or simply sell for Instant Cash!

We love to buy your second-hand bicycles and commit to offering the best price possible. Please bear this in mind when you offer to sell a bicycle that bicycle depreciate by the passage of time as this will need to be reflected in the price you expect. The more detail you can give the better the chance we have of giving you a competitive price when you come in. The process could not be simpler.

*Please note: All identification, carrying a signature, must be signed and current. All other ID must be current or less than 3 months old. All payments are made at the complete discretion of the store.